24 Jun

Tenley Myers

Tool Box

I always enjoy opening up my mail box and seeing something new. This comes to us from, well she didn’t really say. I’ll just assume it’s some place much warmer than Slush-ville. I just want to add here as a side note, that the email for toolbox isn’t just for submissions. You’re always welcome to say hello.

To the main event! Enjoy her piece of poetry!


by S.

Stripped down
Nothing separates me
From myself
Seen as I truly am
Not want to be
Or how others see me
But exactly what I am
Blessing and curse
I am wretchedly beautiful
Tragically elated
The veil torn away
Lifted from my eyes
Beautiful horror
My saving grace
To see and be seen
Most fully
And find absolution
Undeserved,  freely given



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